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Message from the President

Yoshio Fukagawa,

Eiden Co., Ltd. is the engineering group and developing type enterprise, and also engages in development and sales of Television Signal Generator for testing that is mandatory for experiments and etc. on research development and production of TV manufacturer, and TV broadcast station.
 Eiden Co, Ltd. established in 1964 succeeded all solid-state TV signal generator first in industry and realized small size with high performance, which had been employed in TV production factory one after another, so big progress was achieved. In middle part of 1960’, TV sound multiplex signal generator and signal generator for FM multiplex broadcasting were developed and company was acknowledged in industry as “Multiplex’s Eiden”.
Also, in Japan, satellite broadcasting was digitized first and signal generator for the test corresponding to it (QPSK modulator) was commercialized first in Japan by Eiden Co., Ltd.. After that, signal generators for terrestrial broadcasting of Europe system and U.S.A. system were released in succession, and for terrestrial digital broadcasting in Japan, research and development started more than 10 years before start of official broadcasting, practicality of signal generator for its testing was succeeded first in the world with co-operation of NHK and TV manufacturers.  Now, products corresponding to digital and analog broadcasting system in all of the world are lined up and result of actual delivery in more than 30 countries in the world is got.